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yelken eğitimi ve mavitur için

Exactly eleven years ago, we said "with our belief that knowledge can multiply by sharing, we aim to be a constantly updated and developing resource with information, criticism and sharing from you". During the past ten years, we have been with hundreds of sailing enthusiasts, having fun, learning, touring ... Most importantly, we had a nice and productive time.

We repeat what we said. Our aim is to contribute to the richness of topics related to maritime and sailing education, to enrich the information environment and to increase the sharing with the contributions of you sailing lovers. At the same time, for those who are devoted to this business, to increase their practice and pursue the opportunity to experience the freedom of sailing, to be able to bring together sailing boats and aspiring.

This initiative has no claims to just provide sailing training or to train the best sailor. However, our door is always open to those who want to learn, try and increase their practice. This is a platform that aims to make everyone share the "sense of freedom" of sailing, either within our own means or through your means. If we can even salt the soup, how happy we are ...
Let's set sail for "life" together ...

Your wind is always easy, your watch is pleasant ....

En güzel coğrafî vaziyette ve üç tarafı denizlerle çevrili olan Türkiye; endüstrisi, ticareti ve sporu ile, en ileri denizci millet yetiştirmek kabiliyetindedir. Bu kabiliyetten istifadeyi bilmeliyiz; denizciliği, Türkün büyük millî ülküsü olarak düşünmeli ve onu az zamanda başarmalıyız”

M. Kemal Atatürk

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